Light on Canvas

The summer of my youth was spent in a cabin in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I loved waking up in the early morning and observing the diffused light hitting the trees and mountains, like a musical melody giving the atmosphere an ethereal mood. I knew then that I had this passion to capture on canvas the effects of morning light on trees, mountains, and lakes.

Later in life I moved to California, and my horizons expanded, to painting the effects of light in cityscapes, seascapes and florals. My work has both a representative and impressionistic style, with the lighted areas being the center of interest.

My desire is to paint these scenes and preserve their memories.


Linda was Honored to be Juried into the 27th National Juried Exhibition of OPA 2022

A recent portrait, Pondering, was selected. More info.

Oh Look

Linda was Honored to be Juried into Best of America NOAPS 2022

A new portrait, Oh Look, was selected. More info.

Sweet Innocence

Linda was Honored to be Juried into the 2021 Best of America Small Show

A new portrait, Sweet Innocence, was selected. More info.

Fine Art Connoisseur Featured Florals

Honored to be Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur 2018

In 2018 the editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine contacted Linda with an interest in 5 of her floral paintings for a section in his magazine on Florals. More info.


NOAPS Award of Excellence 2017

NOAPS Award 2017 Linda Nearon ArtistIn 2017 Linda was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence in the NOAPS Best of America for her submission of Heavenly Orchids.

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